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© 2013 ActiveLifeSystems, Inc . All Rights Reserved. Members in Healthcare Co-ops including ActiveLifeSystems, Inc. (ALI) and ActiveChoiceHealth™ (ACH) are exempt from the individual mandates found in 26 United States Code §5000A(d)(2)(B). ActiveLifeSystems, Inc. is a Utah non-profit corporation. ActiveLifeSystems™ and ActiveChoiceHealth™ a trademarked, registered trademark pending, of ActiveLifeSystems, obtaind for the purpose of operating the ActiveLifeSystems Co-op and offering their health coverage plan to member participants. The plan and program offering the health plan is ActiveChoiceHealth™, and may be referred to simply as ActiveChoice. ActiveChoice is not insurance, and operates as a health services management group as a Health Co-op does. Some states require formal notice for ActiveChoice to qualify for an exemption from insurance regulation. While ActiveChoice is not insurance and therefore, need not qualify for such exemptions, ALI has elected to publish these exemptions. Please review the individual disclosures provided by your individual state.
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